Est. 2021


The non-alcoholic wine market tends to be fragmented in nature with some retailers stocking a limited range of NA wines. In response to this, Zero Wines was established in 2021 after the founder identified this gap in the non-alcoholic wine retail market.

Zero Wines aims to offer the widest range of non-alcoholic wines to the growing population of clean drinking, health-conscious consumers with an interest in exploring non-alcoholic alternatives. The online store approach to the business responds to busier lifestyles, technological advances, demands for convenience and safe shopping experiences in light of Covid-19, as well as other health risks.


Put simply, we are advocates for FREEDOM!

We believe that consumers should have the freedom and flexibility to enjoy different types of wines with ZERO hangovers and ZERO worries!

Our growing range of non-alcoholic wines provide FREEDOM:

From religious and personal value limiting factors

From long-term health risks associated with alcohol consumption

From worrying about what you did while intoxicated

From worrying about driving under the influence and legal risk

From being limited to only high-alcohol brands

From only buying wines in-store within operating hours

From only buying great wines when the Covid lockdowns allow you to

From the horrible feeling of being excluded in a social setting.

Our Partners: Wine Producers & Distributors