“Zero Wines – The widest range of fine non-alcoholic wines available on a single online store in South Africa”

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy great tasting wine without compromising on health?

Zero Wines stocks a wide range of healthy and great tasting alcohol-free wines. In the day and age where healthier consumer choices are on the rise, Zero Wines expertly provides that option in their newly launched easy-to-use online wine shop.

Their vision is to become a leading online retailer offering the widest selection of fine non-alcoholic wines to those that prefer to consume wine more responsibly, or those that perhaps don’t have the luxury of choice.

The Zero Wines Range

Apart from the widest range of varietals, Zero Wines consists of three choices when it comes to alcohol contents:

Alcohol-Free Wine (0%)

This wine contains 0% alcohol, but not everything that is labelled a wine has alcohol in it. It tends to be sweeter, do not have the same wine flavour nuances and do not technically qualify as wine since the grapes never went into the process of fermentation.

Non-alcoholic Wine (0,5%)

The alcohol content in a non-alcoholic wine contains less than 0.5%. Some of the non-alcoholic wines are manufactured by fermenting grape juice and then adding other components during and after fermentation to give the resulting beverage its desired taste, aroma and characteristics. This is a safe option for those who want to enjoy the flavour, aromatic essence and other characteristics of wine devoid of its potentially hazardous alcohol content.

De-alcoholised Wine (0.5%)

The alcohol content is also less than 0.5% but the process of making these wines is different from the process of making non-alcoholic wine. It’s made using the same process as traditional wine, but the alcohol is removed after fermentation through a special de-alcoholisation process. De-alcoholised wine probably provides the closest approximation of the flavours of regular wine.

How to shop online with Zero Wines

There are three ways to shop at www.zerowines.co.za for non-alcoholic wines:

  1. Simply buy any selection of non-alcoholic wine as you please in a single order.
  2. Join the Zero Wines Quarterly Club on a subscription where a branded box with acurated selection of non-alcoholic wines gets delivered quarterly.
  3. Buy a digital Gift Card for friends & family.

Why Zero Wines?

Most South Africans are active people who love to be social and enjoy an outdoor lifestyle. By choosing a non-alcoholic wine alternative, you can still feel like you are part of the ‘kuier’ but without having to worry about driving under the influence.

It also has many health benefits, like not damaging your liver when overindulging. And most have significantly less sugar than alcoholic wine.

You may have heard that a glass of red wine a day can lower blood pressure and thus decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks. By having a glass of non-alcoholic red wine, you can still enjoy these health benefits, without the long-term health risks associated with alcohol use.

You also don’t have to worry about waking up with a hangover the next day. There are a large number of people in our country that refrain from alcohol because of religious or personal reasons. And let’s not forget all the pregnant and breastfeeding mothers out there, who need a healthier alternative to their usual glass of wine (not medical advice,
please consult your doctor for personalised advice).

Up until now, our non-alcoholic wine options in South Africa have been limited and our choices of these non-alcoholic alternatives per physical store even more so.

Zero Wines’ exciting new online store is where you can shop at your heart’s (healthy) content 24/7 with quick delivery. To start shopping, visit www.zerowines.co.za and please follow their social channels below.