Let’s clear the confusion: Non-alcoholic vs De-alcoholised wines

It is important for consumers to understand the classifications and definitions of alcohol free, low alcohol and de-alcoholised wines, in order to make an informed decision when shopping for NOLO wines

The Definitions

Alcohol-Free or Non-Alcoholic Wine
(These are currently available at Zero Wines)

This wine contains 0% alcohol. They tend to be sweeter, do not have the same wine flavour nuances and do not actually qualify as a wine as the grapes never went into the process of fermentation.

De-alcoholised Wine
(Also available at Zero Wines)

The alcohol content of this category of wine is less than 0.5%. It’s made using the same process as traditional wine but the alcohol is removed after fermentation through a special de-alcoholisation process. At less than 0.5% alcohol, this is a safe option for anyone wanting the flavour and aromatic essence of wine without the alcohol content.

Low Alcohol Wine
(Not yet available at Zero Wines)

This is exactly what it sounds like—wines with low alcohol by volume (ABV), typically less than 4.5% and above 0.5%. It’s made by picking unripe grapes because their sugar content is lower and is made the same way as a conventional wine with its alcohol removed through a special de-alcoholisation process.

Now that you know the difference- go ahead and shop by Range at Zero Wines!