Is it time to rethink your relationship with alcohol?

Toxic drinking culture is out. People are looking to cultivate a healthier relationship with alcohol.

There’s no doubt about it: drinking is a deep-set cultural norm. More than this it’s a social expectation that we’ve simply accepted and, in some cases, enforce on ourselves and others. It makes it even easier to drink mindlessly with this social ‘rule’ hanging over our heads if we don’t ever stop to question it.

When it comes to sober living, the social narrative is quite limiting; “Only alcoholics quit drinking.” Certainly, it’s readily accepted that those with alcohol abuse problems don’t drink, but usually the rest of us provide elaborate explanations for our choices. Why doesn’t a simple, “No, thank you” suffice? People won’t think twice about ordering a decaf coffee if they don’t want a buzz, and so it should be with no/low-alcohol preferences.

Let’s change the narrative.

As Zero Wines, we’re here to challenge this thinking two-fold. Not only are we promoting mindful drinking in South Africa, but we’re also responding to the growing demand for great-tasting non-alcoholic wines. More and more people are considering sober habits but fear social pressure or being excluded. That’s why we are here to introduce you to an alternative way of living that prioritises your freedom. Freedom to choose when to drink and what to drink.

Drinking in moderation.

Like anything in life, we can moderate our participation to suit our lifestyle. Sometimes we don’t feel like nursing a hangover. Perhaps you’re watching your calorie intake. Maybe you simply want a healthier relationship with alcohol.

Whatever the reason, drinking less doesn’t need to be an ‘all or nothing’ approach. In fact, most people aren’t abstaining completely. Instead, let’s view drinking as a spectrum. It’s not about a restricting lifestyle but rather about expanding our options and having the flexibility to change up our drinking habits. 

Is mindful drinking the solution?

If you’ve never heard the term, ‘mindful drinking’ involves becoming more intentional about your relationship with alcohol. It’s an effective tool that encourages people to pause before being swept up in the moment and mindlessly consuming their next drink.

This practice helps to identify the impact drinking has on the body, mind, emotions, and behaviours, as well as the motivations behind our decision to drink. It’s important to note that this is not a suitable approach for anyone with severe drinking problems but is helpful for those who want to gain control of their drinking habits.

You won’t know unless you try it.

People are starting to understand that they don’t need alcohol to participate in social activities. We can still celebrate, relax or enjoy the pleasures of drinking wine without getting carried away. Moderating our drinking habits empowers us to be in control and fully present in the moment. How will we ever know if we’re using alcohol as a clutch during social interactions or to manage stress unless we moderate our intake?

Zero Wines is a community of people who advocate for freedom of choice, and we’re creating a safe space for people of all backgrounds to experience inclusivity. Ready to join the growing population of consumers gravitating towards low-alcohol alternatives? Spoil yourself with a bottle of no/low alcoholic wine from our online shop.