Non-alcoholic wines for every lifestyle

Have you ever felt left out of a social event just because you aren’t drinking? No one likes to be side-lined or ridiculed simply because of their lifestyle choices. Here at Zero Wines, we believe people can become more open-minded about drinking habits. We’re bringing wine-lovers together and creating an inclusive community for all. And with the recent boom in the no- and low-alcohol industry globally, there’s even greater freedom when choosing your booze.

Most of us are familiar with people abstaining from alcohol for religious reasons or if they’re pregnant, but more and more consumers are looking to reduce their intake for other reasons. Many don’t like the side effects alcohol can have, especially when combined with medication, as it can worsen some mental health conditions and affect decision-making abilities. It can also be the cause of insomnia or lingering headaches. Many designated drivers prefer to abstain and minimise the risk of penalties for drinking and driving.

What’s more, health-conscious consumers are largely driving the trend towards moderating their alcohol intake. Although wine naturally has many health benefits, it’s usually high in calories and has been linked to liver problems and certain types of cancer with long-term use. Fortunately, non-alcoholic wines retain the same health benefits without the risks, making these products better suited for people prioritising wellness.

If you’re wondering which non-alcoholic wines to try, we’ve put together an easy guide for consumers with specific lifestyle preferences or restrictions:

  1. If you prefer a non-restrictive lifestyle…

Many prefer the freedom of drinking in moderation and don’t like the idea of abstaining from alcohol altogether. Whether you choose to drink on special occasions or both alcoholic and non-alcoholic wines at the same event, de-alcoholised wines are a great-tasting option to drink in between.

Try Leopard’s Leap Natura De-Alcoholised Classic White

  1. If you’re vegan…

Even though grapes are inherently vegan-friendly, some additives used in the wine-making process are derived from animals. That’s why we specifically state whether non-alcoholic wines are suitable for vegan lifestyles. Norah’s Valley wines are made with plant-enzymes making them a great vegan-friendly option.

Try Norah’s Valley Velvet Red

  1. If you’re prioritising wellness…

When it comes to mental and physical wellness, alcohol can negatively impact our wellbeing. Whether you’re a health-conscious consumer or mindful drinker looking to reduce their dependency on alcohol, you’ve got the freedom to choose. Non-alcoholic or de-alcoholised wines are ideal options without any negative side-effects or potential health risks.

Try Darling Cellars De-alcoholised Sauvignon Blanc or Inah Merlot Grape Juice

  1. If you’re the designated driver…

No one wants to face severe penalties for drinking and driving. While it is possible to moderate how much you drink in order to stay within legal limits, it’s a risk many are unwilling to take. Better to stick with non-alcoholic or de-alcoholised wines – you won’t miss out on the drinking experience.

Try Spier De-alcoholised 0,5% Chenin Blanc or JC Le Roux Le Domaine

  1. If you’re cutting down on calories…

Those who make it a habit to drink heavily might find it hard to get rid of stubborn weight. Switching to a non-alcoholic or de-alcoholised wine in between your regular drinking will cut back on calories. Leopard’s Leap Natura Range is particularly low on calories.

Try Leopard’s Leap Natura De-Alcoholised Classic Red

  1. If you’re restricted from consuming alcohol for religious reasons…

Some won’t mind skipping the drinking experience altogether but for others, having something luxurious to drink is appealing. If you follow a strict no-alcohol lifestyle, stay away from non-alcoholic and de-alcoholised wine as these still contain trace amounts of alcohol. Alcohol-free wines are the best option as the grapes have not been fermented.

Try Inah Ewa 0 % Alcohol Red Blend or Van Loveren Absolute Zero Nectar Sparkling

  1. If you’re pregnant or breast-feeding…

Since alcohol has been linked to pregnancy complications, most moms-to-be avoid drinking altogether. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend nine months without a glass of wine! You can still enjoy alcohol-free, non-alcoholic and de-alcoholised alternatives from your favourite South African wine farms.

Try Allure De-Alcoholised Sparkling Wine or Lautus Savvy Red

Whatever the motivation to limit your alcohol intake, we believe your lifestyle shouldn’t be hampered by a limited availability of no- and low-alcohol wines. Since the demand for non-alcoholic wines is still growing, your local liquor store might not always stock your favourites. That’s why it’s our mission to provide easy access to premium wine brands so you can enjoy social gatherings without the guilt.

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