Spotlight on 5 Non-alcoholic Wines  sold at with food pairing tips:

When making the decision to cut back or eliminate alcohol, a regular foodie would probably assume that wine pairing, culinary and fine dining experiences would have to be sacrificed too!

Well, that should not be the case.

 At Zero Wines, we stock a wide range of non-alcoholic wines that offer the same level of sophistication and class as their alcoholic counterparts without the after-effects of course!

Below we share 5 premium non-alcoholic wines with their lovely pairing tips from Zero Wines partners:

  • De Krans Muscat Nectar Alcohol-Free Sparkling
    Great on its own or served with fresh summer salads, cold meats or light meals. Also makes for an interesting pairing with mild curries. Serve chilled.
  • Spier De-Alcholised 0.5% Shiraz
    This highly versatile wine is not only stunning on its own as an aperitif: it’s also gorgeous with patés, terrines, rillettes and white-rinded cheeses like brie.
  • Inah  Shiraz Grape Juice
    Pairs well with Red meat, Venison, Poultry
  • Darling Cellars De-alcoholised Sauvignon Blanc
    This wine will pair well with most seafood, but I think will go particularly well with some of the West Coast’s fresh mussels or oysters! Low in calories and vegan-friendly
  • Swartland Sparkling Wine White Grape Juice
    Aperitif, parties, celebrations with friends and family, strawberries, and chocolate!

Sources: Wine pairing notes sourced from De Krans, Spier, Inah Superior Products, Swartland Winery and Darling Cellars.