Start Your Health Journey with Zero Wines

Wine and spirits hold a special place in the hearts of South Africans. The quality of wine derived from South Africa has been remarkable and has improved significantly over the years. The wine culture in this country is perhaps an overstatement and is an aspiration of most local wine producers. Unlike other countries with well-established wine cultures, like France and Italy, it is more fitting to refer to “subcultures” in the South African wine market. Separating a diverse market into smaller groups can be helpful to better understand and reach other individuals with similar beliefs, routines and purchasing preferences.

There have been studies that concluded that South Africans, regardless of gender or ethnicity, associate wine with material wealth as well as higher social status. However, South Africans seemingly see white wine as less classy than red wine. White wine is instead correlated with everyday consumption during the day. It has continuously been shown that no matter what your gender is, people love and appreciate the culture that wine brings – and a fun fact is that wine is most people’s first drink, especially in South Africa. Fortunately, people have been consuming less and less alcohol, due to people becoming more health conscious and focusing on what they allow into their bodies because of the world’s current need to overprocess goods on the market.

But what if I could tell you that you can still be a part of this wine culture even though you are on a health journey, or you have been limiting yourself due to work reasons or just that your lifestyle has changed. That is why Zero Wines is perfect for you because we allow you to take part in the culture without experiencing the guilt of drinking alcohol. You can find the widest range of non-alcoholic versions of wine brands we all know and love as South Africans, whether it is Robertsons, JC Le Roux, Spier and so much more all from Zero Wines. Not to mention, we offer sparkling, white, rose, and red wine for you to feel really included with your preferences as well – we at Zero Wines have you sorted, no matter what.

Our brand has come at the perfect time due to the rising popularity of non-alcoholic and alcohol-free wines. Several people have realised how much alcohol they were consuming in an unhealthy manner, and Zero Wines salutes you for taking the positive step forward by putting your health first. Alcohol is not the only thing people are moving away from. The whole world’s non-alcoholic beverages market has been segmented based on the types of products and distribution channels. Depending on the type of product, the global non-alcoholic industry has been segmented into carbonated drinks and non-carbonated drinks. The carbonated drinks segment is broadening into sub-segments such as cola, carbonated water, and diet drinks. The non-carbonated drinks segment is further sub-segmented into fruit juices, decaffeinated energy drinks, tea, coffee, and others.

So don’t wait any longer to try our non-alcoholic, alcohol-free, vegan-friendly, and de-alcoholised wines. Not only do our products have added health benefits, but it also allows you to continue to enjoy a glass of wine on a night out or at the end of a stressful night. It is, therefore, suitable for young people, seniors, expecting mothers and fathers who wish to indulge in life’s pleasures whilst remaining conscious of their health.